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What you can expect from BJB Immigration:

Complete our quick assessment below and submit to BJB Immigration. A Migration Agent will be in touch to further identify your eligibility for the visa you are applying for. You will then be provided with a comprehensive quotation and given a fees and services schedule outlining the degree of services we can provide to you.

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Comprehensive Assessment:

Outlines particulars of the visa you are applying for and the general information you need to be able to provide for making a valid visa application. From this you can decide whether you are yet eligible to apply for the visa. If you are not yet ready to apply, this information can give you the correct roadmap you need to comply to for future eligibility.

Visa assistance:

A Migration Agent will be assigned to you to commence supplying you with the correct visa forms and assist with timelines to collate the appropriate documentation required for a valid visa application. Some applications require preliminary approvals, ie State/Government sponsorship, family sponsorship, pre-approved business employer sponsorship, skills assessments, further education advice. Your information for the application will be monitored and tracked.

Visa Application assistance:

You have ALL the information ready. Visa forms completed, correct supporting documentation ready. Your migration agent can then prepare your visa application proposal by presenting to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) your eligibility to apply for the visa. This will include checking ALL compliances required to be met against the Migration Regulations 1994 Act, checking your visa class and subclass legislative requirements. Other required legislation will be referred as deemed appropriate. Your case will be presented professionally ensuring that DIAC can fast track your application. All enquiries from the Department will be handled by your Migration Agent ensuring a fast response and turnaround with answers will be forthcoming and you will be represented all the way until your visa application is processed.


Please complete the following general information indicating what type of visa you are interested in. We will be in touch with you regarding more information for your eligibility for the visa you choose:

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Additional information:
From "types of visas" can you indicate the visa you wish to apply for and the reason you wish to apply for this visa. Please state reason you may be eligible for this visa. Any other information welcomed.
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