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Business Sponsor Approval

Lawfully operating Australian employers can sponsor and employ skilled workers who have recognised qualifications and skills/or experience in particular occupations required in Australia. NOT ALL VISA'S ALLOW A PERSON TO WORK IN AUSTRALIA.

Are you approved to sponsor employees to work for you in Australia. What are the benefits of pre-approval and what are your obligations. Also what are the penalties if you don't follow the Migration Amendment (Employer Sanctions) Bill 2006.

BJB Immigration can inform you of the above and assist you with the preparation to become an approved Business Sponsor.

A Migration Agent is a valuable resource to liaise with your Human Resources department and/or preferred Recruitment supplier.

Contact BJB Immigration on Tel: 1300 784 299 or email info@bjbimmigration.com for further information on how to become a Business Sponsor or meet a Migration Agent to assist your employer needs.





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