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Migration to Australia is a complicated process, with many different legislative requirements covering the can do's and cannot do's for migration.

In some cases, people need to plan their migration years in advance, while for others the process only takes a short time. Each case is different, which is why you need a qualified, experienced migration agent to guide you through the legal minefield.  

Wendy Belham founded BJB Immigration in 2007, as a result of living in Bangalore, India for three years as an Australian expatriate. From her first-hand experience, she knows how daunting it can be for both individuals choosing to relocate or study in a different country, and for employers wishing to employ skilled people from overseas.

Our approach to immigration is one of professionalism and understanding, mingled with effective communication and a sound use of technology.


We have professional backgrounds in both the corporate and government sectors. Our team has extensive experience in business processes, human resources, and quality control. We treat all of our clients professionally, and ensure every step in the immigration process is completed accurately, with no steps missed or glossed over.


We understand that any move is an upheaval. Our team have lived abroad as expatriates and travelled extensively for business. We understand that helping you to integrate into your new country is the key to successful migration for you and your family.


You will always be kept informed of the progress of your visa. We understand that irrespective of time zones, you need to be able to liaise with your relocation agent or your migration agent on the progress of your case. That is why we make regular and ongoing communication with you a high priority.


We are investing heavily in the development of cutting edge technology. Soon, you will be able to securely log onto our website to enable you to track the progress of your case, action what is needed to be done and leave file notes for your migration agent. You will also be able to liaise directly with a relocation agent, who will assist you with services from your arrival in Australia to your settlement into your chosen community.

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